Meet the Breed – Dachshund

Lively and affectionate. Proud and bold. Tenacious. Just a few reasons that Dachshund owners love this ever-popular breed. This comprehensive video, courtesy of Eukanuba, is a great way to gain an understanding of the history, characteristics and care for this amazing breed.

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  1. 90mloda says:

    thats how you pronounce it? isnt it dash-hounds? they say it doxen :S

  2. Linkhyla says:

    i enjoy livin with my dachshund

  3. dooiedumbdumbdivas says:

    I love L-O-V-E Dachshunds.

  4. HiGHT87 says:

    I have one… hee’s name is Troy.. The coolest dogs on the planet NO QUESTIONS ASKED

  5. TitsMcAssh0le says:

    @90mloda doxen is basically the pronunciation.

  6. Taintboy says:

    My doxie absolutely does not give a fuck, she would charge a polar bear if one came around.

  7. dreamingofmagic says:

    “Short haired dachshunds are more in your face.” LOL you aren’t telling me anything lady, I’ve been living with one for nearing ten years. He’s the king, King Peanut 😛

  8. AngryPigFetus says:

    That lady doesn’t know what she is talking about, I’ve raise about 11 of the damn things and it’s more like if they can get some attention then they will settle down.

  9. Xinsden says:

    lol thats what a bigger dachsund sounds like?
    i have 2 mini dachsunds, and their bark sounds ike a dachsund puppy i guess u coud say 😛
    theyre full grown too 🙂

  10. Xcorgi says:

    I used to have a Corgi that ran away but I am seriously considering a Dachshund. I think it’s the short leg thing. Also, I was looking for a Corgi at a pet store one day. They did not have any but there was this really sad faced smooth hair Dachshund in a cage by itself. One of the staff members asked if I would care give it some out of cage time. I’m glad I accepted. I learned at that moment there is no dog more loving or playful. If you want happiness just add Dachshund and stir gently!

  11. menkejo says:

    @Xcorgi Fell asleep reading this boring ass novel you wrote.

  12. Xcorgi says:

    @menkejo Just decided to track you down, dowse you in gasoline, set you on fire and put a bullet in the middle of your fucking head. That way you won’t get bored you scroungy little fucking worm!!! Keep looking over your shoulder asswipe!!!

  13. menkejo says:

    @Xcorgi Well I see that you like Pablo Francisco, which means there is a good chance that you live in AZ. So if you do, I can save you some time, meet up with you, and beat your pathetic ass for trying to get hard while sitting behind your computer. But it doesn’t matter either way, because you are a punk ass keyboard warrior that won’t do shit. So if you really want to meet up, let me know and I will beat the shit out of you with my fist, not some fucking gun and gasoline, fagget.

  14. strawberriefilms says:

    i have a dachshund, and the first food we gave him was Eukanuba and he is picky, and he didnt like it, so now he eats Kibble’s & Bits and Beneful

  15. mytilludie says:

    I have a boy and a girl, used to have a boy, and i’m getting another girl soon. I’ve lived around them my entire life. They’re the sweetest, most affectionate, beautiful, loyal, fun dogs in the world<3

  16. TreyMoore92 says:

    @strawberriefilms My mom’s Shih Tzu is REALLY picky.

  17. TreyMoore92 says:

    @Xcorgi I wouldn’t get one. Every Dachshund I’ve been around were mean.

  18. Xcorgi says:

    @TreyMoore92 I agree but those are Dachshunds that already have owners. They are very loyal to thier owners and that is why anyone but to them the Dachshunds are very snappy towards and bark alot to. My new desicion is based on picking up a 12 week old puppy Dachshund and it was like a totally different dog! If they think YOU are the owner they are the sweetest most lovable,playful dog out there. Evern more so than the Corgis!

  19. darknessvampire3 says:

    My family has two of them and we love them

  20. meanmrmusic28 says:

    Haha! I have a miniature wire haired dachshund named wally. He’s debarked so he always sounds like he’s coughing really hoarsely, but more quiet. That was the one reason my mom agreed to buy him haha! It’s funny to hear all the deep, rumbling barks of these guys. Dachshunds are great 🙂

  21. Fofogstandard says:

    I’m getting a puppy soon! i went to see her and she’s just a week old, sooo awesome

  22. kizmet5000 says:

    I have a long haired mini-long haired dachshund, this dog is my absolute favorite! I have owned many different breeds of dogs and will always own at least one dachshund from now on. He makes me laugh daily and brings us such joy.

  23. burritocandynugget says:

    doxies are the best…. i have 2 😀

  24. MrTmoney12889 says:

    I just lost my dachshund of 14 years on wednesday he was such a good boy. His name was pretzel I could not have asked for a better dog. I got him was I was 6 and now I am 20. I had some great years with this dog he was loyal and would stick by your side when things got tough. I would recommend this breed to anyone because I loved my guy and I sure you guys do to RIP Pretzel I love you buddy.

  25. AwesomeJellyBean says:

    @MrTmoney12889 I understand the feeling.My 4 year old dachshund Copper died afew weeks ago.He was abused as a puppy,was saved and put up for adoption where I adopted him.An accident happened where we had to put him to sleep.

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