Riley the Dachshund Opens His Stocking

Riley, our favorite dachshund, waits in agony for his Christmas stocking.

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  1. luvpudel says:

    that is soooooo- sweet i love the video and your dog is sooo sweet he has a very goood loving home with you guys.

  2. geeksthenewchic says:

    My baby dachsie does the exact same thing! She will tunnel down into the stocking to get her presents out.

  3. chiwirokz says:

    OMGGG This is soooo cute!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  4. lilmissangelbabygirl says:

    Aww, he is so cute. xx

  5. death4351 says:

    i had the same type of dachshund, he was the cutest little guy ever, too abd he passed away a few years ago. Screw brain tumors :'(

  6. taniamorse85 says:

    “Come on, let me have it!…Yay, there it is!…Ah, what a good day!”

    So cute! Riley is such a cute dog!

  7. gregxiu says:

    At 0:15 Riley officially files protest against the Christmas Day protocol in his house after he is informed that he must wait for what Santa brought him.

    At 0:59 Riley officially see his long lost stocking.

    At 1:19 Riley officially “unwraps” his gift from his stocking and officially doesnt want to be bothered while chewing it.

    At 1:24 Riley is officially content and tired like any human child under-7 on Christmas day after all of the excitement has calmed down.

    At all times Dachshunds RULE!!

  8. kevinmenzie says:

    @gregxiu You should try BlipSnips to mark these times!

  9. TheShimmerBabiii says:


  10. musicAL722 says:

    I love having a dachshund.

  11. GSDubz says:

    haha, amazing how all the dachshunds look alike…..he looks exactly like mine, except Herman has more white hair on his face….he’s 10 now. How old is Riley?

  12. SRV4evr says:

    Is he adorable or what? My mini-Doxie did this little throaty whining thing when she knew a treat was coming. Riley is soooooooooooo cute.

  13. Sheri451 says:

    AWWWW! How old is he? We’ve had three Dachshunds and our first one Lady died when she was five, and Pepper died when he was eight. They did what some people call begging pretty, Lucky our four year old Dachshund can’t do this I hope he will outlive the others.

  14. sharpy2010c says:

    I was laughing my head off at this video, that was lovely to watch!!!

  15. doginstine says:

    Dog has the look of, “Leave me alone.”

  16. rubberducky1757 says:


  17. AwesomeJellyBean says:

    I have a doxie named Riley.Cept she’s a girl

  18. xolouise1988 says:

    my baby does the same thing sooo adorable love em they are the best dog ever!!!!

  19. AwesomeJellyBean says:

    BTW!Nice doxie pj pants,were’d ya get em?

  20. rockymountainkristin says:

    @AwesomeJellyBean They were at Old Navy a few years ago at Christmas.

  21. rockymountainkristin says:

    @Sheri451 Riley is now 11…

  22. Tonyp97 says:

    aww he is so adorable i love dogs so much

  23. MrTmoney12889 says:

    Riley is still in great shape i had a doxie that passed away last wednesday and Pretzel was 12 and a half. Its nice to see a dog like that in great shape for such an old age.

  24. rockymountainkristin says:

    @MrTmoney12889 So sorry to hear about your dog! My first doxie was Pretzel!

  25. SSJSasuke777 says:

    Oh My God My Dachshund’s Name is Riley Too. Oh My God.

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