Harry the dachshund falls asleep

After Poppy ran him ragged I took a short video of him falling to sleep, closing his eyes and dreaming of treats 🙂

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  1. shilohplace says:

    Nope their are doxy with wire hair , short , and long. I have a short smooth and a long hair Both mine are mini doxie

  2. cockslutfartypants says:

    Most do. But also you may not notice the longer-haired as readily because they’re covered up with hair! 😉

  3. SpyrotheDragon107 says:

    He looks just like my female!

  4. yth8er76 says:

    aww looks just like mine! so cute

  5. IsshoniKawaii says:

    cute!!! I LOVE doggies ^^

  6. GirlJazz says:

    I love dogs! Their have lovely eyes!

  7. Shchetchynianin says:

    They awfully snore (at least mine does so!)!

  8. avedelpara1s0 says:

    my dogs do that too and i laugh at it all the time

  9. buttercup9517 says:

    I love to watch mine fall asleep but she snores really loud its so cute though =)

  10. dachshundluver12 says:

    that is adorible

  11. chiwawagrl22 says:

    love it! (ur dog and the video)

  12. rudydapup12 says:

    lol funny video, it makes me tired when i watch mine fall asleep. lol

  13. luxray723 says:

    🙂 *sighs happily*

  14. AshlieRay says:

    Aw, that’s adorable.

  15. daxflame680 says:

    harry rocks!!!!

  16. DrakeGrad says:

    LOL LOL LOL I have a short haired named Malcolm, he looks like this when he is going to sleep. Thanks for posting this

  17. akl3g says:

    lol mine looks the same way when its about to fall asleep.. mine wont shutup though when she barks 😛

  18. yuni1992 says:

    My dog does that too

  19. ramjake75 says:

    “Get some sleep, Harry!” I said. He falls asleep like a cute cat!

  20. fsbofsbo says:

    so cute.. my little heidi looks like him and i have another rescue dog name poppy. heidi is scheduled for surgery monday for bladder stones.. she has two of them..

  21. RoaringZion says:

    Aww he looks like my long hair, except mine has white paw an chest she’s a piebald, i love these little guys! they’re awesome

  22. DottyDP says:

    ahhh soooo cute! I had a little black and tan who has now passed away but not a day goes by without me thinking about my dear little Monty

  23. bobbinqueen says:

    mine does that to like she doses off and then wakes up and dose off haha

  24. Doxie85 says:

    Adorable he looks like my chula

  25. technofab1 says:

    Beautiful dog! I love to watch them drop off like that 🙂

  26. Sasha says:

    Aww. Harry, I knows dachshunds don’t dream about treats as much as chasing squirrels. Ya get that squirrel tonight. OK. Sasha, the dachshund.

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